Office 365

As Microsoft partners we are able to offer Microsoft Office 365 to our customers billed monthly at Microsoft Annual rates.

An Office 365 subscription gives you all the benefits of the most widely used office software with updates to the the latest versions when they become.

Office 365 Backup

As with all your business files, your Office 365 should be backed up. This is different from backing up the files on your PC as your email, SharePoint files and OneDrive files are primarily stored in the Microsoft cloud. Microsoft’s policy on backing up these files is that they will try to  help with data recovery in the event of data loss but will not guarantee recovering the data. “It’s your data and you have to look after it”

The most effective solution to this is a Cloud to Cloud backup system. There is no software to install on any PC’s  and backups are completely transparent to the customers using this service. We monitor the process and your cloud data is safe from accidental loss or malicious interference, such as Ransomware.