Data Backup

Backing up data is vital so that in the event of data loss or corruption, through hardware failure or malicious software, you can recover your data and minimise the down time of your business. An effective backup system should backup the selected data on a daily basis, retain at least 3 archived backups, be stored in at least one off site location, run with no input from the user and be monitored to ensure that the backup had completed successfully

Most computer users do not wish to be actively involved in the backing up of their data, this detracts from the primary function of running their business and also they may not have the expertise to monitor that the system is performing as it should be.

We can install software to backup you valuable data, the backup process is fully automatic and we will monitor the process for for you. Your data is stored in an encrypted format on two secure servers in the UK, and although we monitor the backup process only you have access to the actual data